Thursday, August 27

Not so Exclusive - Police Pursuit in Pandan Indah (18SG)

This is a translated version taken from Chinese.Cari.Com.My Forum:

"When I was at home this morning suddenly I heard a loud tyre sound at about 8:15am. Out of curiosity I went out to take a look - there was a Proton Iswara overtook a Proton Wira while the wira was turning in from Pandan Indah way. However Proton Wira did not stop and he bang the Iswara at the back then running away. The car was turning out to Pandah Indah way at the opposite site. Those cars were quite shock and they all let the Wira go. Iswara made a U-Turn in front of Ampang Hospital to chase that Wira, following by a Kancil with loud siren.. I heard accident sounds all the way. After about 30s, there were 3 Police Cars joining the pursuit and after a short while, I heard a loud accident sounds at the junction. There were 7 police cars surounded all the cars there and they did not let anyone leaving the scene, and I saw many policeman rushing to the crowds with firearm. I cannot miss it so I took my bike and went there to check around. When I reached the scene, I found a Honda Accord and that Proton Wira involved in a major accident. I believe the suspect failed to escape due to the traffic jam and he was caught by police and sitting inside the policecar. He was at around 30s, and was bleeding. Next to him was a chinese guy with a hammer.. after looking for few minutes, I managed to chat with the owner of the Honda Accord, who is the chinese guy with hammer. According to him, that suspect was a robber and he has tried to get him for quite some times. Suspect tried to escape at the beginning but the Chinese guy is actually a tow truck call man so with his broad network, he managed to get his colleages to join the pursuit. They found some equipments in the suspect's car and believe he was using those gears for crime. After a while Police has started to clear the traffic so I went back and posted this to forum."

Based on the video provided, I saw some gangsters were trying to pull the suspect out from the car, and hit him with hammer at his head. Police are there and they actually "allowed" them to do so. What a shame!

Video by 麦米5622