Thursday, February 26

The Myth of Losing Weight

Very often I heard people asking some frequently asked questions about losing weight, and I am now posting here to provide my own though and idea, hope this will be useful to all of you.

Question: How can I lose weight fast?
Answer: No you can't lose weight in overnight, or in a short period like few days. Just sit back and think: How long does it take to make your body fat - is that overnight or few days or few weeks?
Well the answer is quite fair - you'll need to consume 7000Kcal to gain a kilogram of fat, which equal to 7 sets of McDonald's Big Mac McValue. So the journey of losing fat will be a long and tough battle, and it will be a mission impossible to a big group of people who lacked or determination and discipline. If you want to lose weight by limiting your calories intake is also a bad idea, perhaps people from last century will teach you that. So keep stick to my blog and I will show some really good tips to lose fat!

Question: What medicine/product that I can take to lose weight fast?
Answer: There are hundreds of medicine and products outside which can help you to lose weight by controlling your appetite, but this is bad for your health - you will get some side effects like severe headache, unstable heat beat, cold sweating and worse case like organ malfunction. Is that worth? Furthermore do you think you can eat that for life time? When you stopped, your body will absorb more calories and make you fatter than last time - bouncing! The answer I give here is: There is no product that will make you lose weight in a healthy manner.

Question: What exercise/workout that I can lose weight fast?
Answer: Actually there are quite a lot of workout plan and weight lose program that work - but only limited to people who have determination and good discipline. If you really want to find out those exercises, try to Google yourself and the answer will display in million pages. All workout and exercise will need time to lose fat in your body, and you will need to eat the correct food to help you out. So there will be only effective workout/exercise that can help you to tone your body, they will not help you to lose weight fast.

I will put some useful tips for losing weight in coming post, stay cool!