Friday, February 13

Satria Neo CPS Launching

After 2 years of this beautiful masterpiece made by Proton, it has rolled out the facelift edition, which they package it as a new model for Proton Satria Neo High Line. It will launch in Subang APAC, Malaysia today later at 2:30pm. By looking at the brochures the car really look good and it has the classic look of the Proton Satria GTi. For me I think it is really another classic hatchback produced by Proton (Some people saying that Proton cannot make good car), after the GTi and Putra. This model comes only with 1.6L and available for high line only. Powered by 125hp CamPro engine (First model of Malaysia engine with cam profile system, a system similiar to the godlike Honda VTEC series) and Lotus handling I really want to see the peformance of this car. Let's take a look for the rest of Proton Satria Neo CPS brochures:

The Power and Performance:

Specification for Satria Neo CPS

Control and showing the big spoiler

Want to see the real car? See you in APAC, Subang tomorrow!