Saturday, February 21

Friday workout session - chest

Same time and I've finished my working week! Some people probably will celebrate with couple of beers with their mates, but for me is a little bit different - go gym, work hard and go back - it's my life. Before I started I just down a bottle of protein. After warm up I go straight to the smith machine to workout my chest. Actually I've planned to have few sets of squat but my groin is having a light injury after the futsal session last Sunday, so I decided to put it on hold until my groin is ok.

So let's start with 15 reps of warm up set:

My chest workout:
Bench Press 12,10,8,6 (Including a giant set)
Incline Bench Press 12,10,8,6
Decline Bench Press 12,10,8,6
Swiss Ball Bench Press 10,10,10

I have a new record with 120lbs for bench press! Wow!!

Damn tired man...

After that I workout my abs, and I found a new way to stimulate my abs! For so long I never have the "burning" feeling of my abs and I got it today, I'll share with you guys next time.