Tuesday, February 3

Your career and your health: Related

It is true. Being surrounded by all kind of tasty food it is too challenging for Malaysians to have a healthy body. Look at the restaurant to check out what we have: Nasi Lemak (Rice with coconut milk, a traditional malay's breakfast), Char Kway Teow (Cantonese fried hoffan), Roti Canai (Baked Indian bread). They are totally out of nutrition, and we are eating this everyday. It is quite common that you see mid age Malaysian with big tummy walking around when you go shopping. Well the "trend" now has even spreading to young people in 20s - sleep late, having heavy supper with soft drink. Imaging if they touching 40s which is the peak moment in their career - Senior executive, Senior manager or even CEO for big company. However their are struggling everyday to all kind of diseases: heart problem, diabetes or high blood pressure. So do you want to be like that when you are in 40s? Say no and start exercise! Don't try to make it as a habbit but please consider it as a lifestyle - the very important part that will effect your career path. With a healthy body I am sure that all of us will march through the peak of all moutains.