Thursday, February 5

My abs - My Progress

Abs muscles, or also known as 6 packs, are the dream of every bodybuilder. Amateur like me who working in an all day air conditioning office and eating normal food selling in hawker center is really very hard to earn it. But I won't give up, it is now my measurement of my bodyfat level. If they turn blur means I have to work hard to reduce my bodyfat. After a week of Chinese new year celebration, I can say my bodyfat level has increased! Even I tried to control myself to recude my calories intake but it is real tough when you go partying around - phewwww! Allright, this is the picture after a week of crazyness. Erm.. how can I comment? My bodyfat still sticking around my lower abs part, which is a part that your fat cells love to stay. So what will I do for this month? I will go for a slightly high intensive exercise program and reduce my carbs intake in order to reduce my bodyfat. I will share my program with you guys:

Monday - Shoulder and Triceps plus 20 minutes interval running.
Tuesday - Back and abs plus 20 minutes interval cycling.
Wednesday - Will be my usual rest day but I'll see if I can go for a 30 mins jogging.
Thursday - Chest and Biceps and abs plus 20 minutes interval running.
Friday - Leg and abs plus 20 minutes interval cycling.
Saturday - REST!
Sunday - Fulsal for 1 hour.

Hope this will work! I will post my pics again after 1 month :)

Stay tuned!