Monday, February 16

Fitness Test on Sunday - 15th Feb

Chaucky from Chinese Cari forum has invited me to join the test on Sunday, before this I just wanted to go "Kepo" but since he invited me, why not to take this opportunity to check my level?

The fitness test session included below exercises:
2.4km running
Squat 10 reps and Push up 15 reps X 3
100 meters sprint X 4
Sit up 50 reps

I have tested my timing for 2.4km on Friday and clocked 12.30sec, not bad for a person that didn't really go for cardio training, but it was real tiring!

OK, so it is Sunday now, and the location is Kampung Pandan Sports Complex. I woke up early in the morning when I still can see the moon shining.

I knew it is going be a tough day for me so I have planned my meal carefully. My breakfast was fruit nuts with milk, and whey protein that will provide enough energy to me during the test.

After around 30 minutes of driving I have reached the venue and Chaucky, Origen and Onn they are all there already. Chaucky and Onn they are a distance runner and always love to take part in running competition, while Origen and me concentrate on body building/fitness.

We started the test at around 7:30am, Chaucky was leading us following by Onn, me, Origen and another guy Iamwen. I was able to finish the 2.4km in 11:15sec which is my personal best! I still can go further but I am afraid I won't have enough energy to do the next test.

The squat and push up weren't really a challenge for me because of my training routine. I considered it as a resting for me. After completing all the sets then I headed for the most challenging one - 100 meters sprint, not 1 but 4 times! I almost exhausted after the second attempt however I was able to complete it. Finally a 50 sit up which is not difficult for me in normal day, but they are like 500 reps to me now! I have finished the entire test in 17:19s,
which I think is not too bad :)

After completed the test we all continue our discussion on fitness, exercises and training.
We all agreed to have another test in few months time! After the sun coming up high, we all went home. A very nice experience!