Sunday, February 22

Eat Nasi Lemak and get ripped!

Yes, it is not a joke - everyone knows that nasi lemak is a high fat food, I admit it. However, you still can eat nasi lemak and get ripped! Want to know the trick? Of course I will show it to all of you :) I'm working in IT support field and I have to work shift, means every 2 weeks I'll change my working hour, when it comes to morning shift, normally I will go for nasi lemak. Will nasi lemak makes you fat? Yes of course it will, if you not eating them properly - huh? Eating nasi lemak also have to eat properly ah? The trick here is don't eat them with empty stomach, whenever you feel hungry because of empty stomach, you tend to eat more - some people can go until 2-3 packs, and that's almost the total calories intake for female - touching 1200Kcal. So I will have my protein shake as my first meal of the day, a mixture of low fat milk and whey protein. After 2 hours, then I will grab a pack of nasi lemak, with an egg. So what we have here, you got coconut milk, rice, sambal and egg.

coconut milk - a high saturated fat, will it make you fat? Of course it will, but think further, Malaysian are not the only country that using coconut milk as our ingredient, how about Thai people? Are they look fat? I even can give you more extreme example, like pacific islanders who depends heavily on coconuts and products made of coconut, are they look fat? NO!

Huh? How come ah?

The answer is: You have to eat it in right time.

After my first meal I will take my second breakfast, so in the afternoon I won't eat a lot, sometimes a cereal drink will do. After my first lunch then I will take my second lunch after 2-3 hours again, maybe protein shake, or nuts bar and a cup of coffee (I can't live without it!).

Until my dinner time - again I split it into small meal, maybe a rosted chicken breast, mixed rice with very small porportion of rice or cereal bar, low fat milk... I just take alternative.
After 2 hours when all the carbs have been processed, then I will go GYM!

So you'll see how it works, high fat in the morning, and low fat in the afternoon and dinner.
Research showing that fat intake is actually better than you go for low fat meal all the way in order to lose weight, but take it before lunch. In addition, when you have good breakfast in the morning usually you won't overeat during your lunch time - a common mistake by some people who take "brunch" without having a breakfast.

So remember the golden rules:
1. Never take nasi lemak with empty stomach/when you are very hungry
2. Have protein as your first meal of the day, take it as earlier as possible to boost up your metabolism rate.
3. Split your meal into 4-5 small meals
4. Go gym!

Note: To my foreigner readers, Nasi Lemak is a traditional food in Malaysia where all of us love it very much. It is called Coconut Rice in english translation - A food with coconut rice, spicy gravy with dry fish, rosted peanut and eggs - it is very tasty!