Wednesday, February 4

Lipo 6 - Product Review

Lipo 6, the top selling famous fat burner product you can get in the dieting market right now - is it really useful or is this just a completely rubbish that burn your money? I can say it is partially useful but not like what they mentioned in the statement and those before and after photo. The proof? I have tested it myself, and few of my friends have tested it as well. Let start with my result, I am a coffee drinker and I can say I have immune to caffeine where I won't have all the side effects of drinking coffee. However, by looking at the supplement facts the capsule contained high dose of caffeine - 200mg where it can trigger effect like faster blood circulation and make people more awake - but not me. By following the instruction I took 2 capsules every morning after I woke up, and after 10 minutes I can feel my stomach burning but I'm still feeling hungry, unlike what they claimed in the web site.

Extra energy while working out in gym room? To be frank I don't really feel it, but there is 1 thing true about this product which it will increase your metabolism rate. For me I start sweating after 5 minutes of cycling, compare to 7 minutes without taking it. So the conclusion? My weight maintained at 65-66kgs after finished the product in 4 weeks time.

Feeling frustrated for being cheated? I'm fine with it but I feel a little bit of dissapointment.
However, some of my friends claimed below:

Rameaswaran - Feel absolute power after taking even only with 1 pill, broken his personal record where he staying in the gym room doing restless workout for few hours.
Side effects: Can't sleep if take it in evening, severe headache.
Coffee drinker? No

Prem - Can stay longer in gym room after taking it, sweat more comparing to the time when he didn't take the pill.
Side effects: headache, stomach ache
Coffee drinker? No

So the result is good if you are not a coffee drinker. If you are, then I really don't think it will help you in any sense.