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A complete guideline for Satria Neo (Part 1)

Proton Satria Neo, or it was known as Satria Replacement Model (SRM) which is a brand new 3 doors hatch back to replace the old Proton Satria, was launched in July 2006. Target market for Satria Neo are youngsters who like to be different.



Bore & Stroke
76.0 X 88.0 (mm)
Fuel System
No. of Cylinders
Max. Power
82kW (110hp) @ 6000rpm
Max. Torque
148Nm @ 4000rpm

Max. Speed

Acceleration (0 – 100km/h)
11.5 (sec)
13.7 (sec)

Fuel Consumption (@ 90km/h)

The body of Satria Neo is made of high tensile steel, which is the similar material they used to build Proton Savvy. The aerodynamic look from the car body is very stylish and provide stability while cruising in high speed. Furthermore the reinforced side doors offer superior safety.

The inside of Satria Neo is a bit plastic-look, due to the low cost budget for this car. However, it has few shinning spots such as the gear cover box.

You can say it is quit safe because the materials Proton are using to build the car, furthermore with the body weight it is really stable while cruising high speed in the highway. Myself has tried to reach 160km/h and it is still very stable like I'm driving 100km/h.

You got to mention this because it is a selling point for this car. The control is simply awesome! Tuned by Lotus, which is famous of its drivable sport car, Proton Satria Neo extracted the DNA from Lotus. The cornering is really sharp and you can feel it with your hands. By following the movement of hatchback it is a bit tail happy when cornering and it will turn understeer sometimes.

Thanks to the drive by wire system the power of this car is a bit lacking when you press the accelerator. Furthermore with the Campro engine the torque will only kick in after 4k rpm. However, when it has reached 4k rpm it is quite happy to drive the car.

Fuel Consumption
Some so called "Experts" claimed that Satria Neo FC is very high, it is a petrol drinker monster like turbo car, but they not even sit inside the car. For me my car does not give me such impression. I even hit 600km with 1 full tank (RM 75) for highway/city drive. How much you'll pay for the petrol is all depends on your right foot.

Pros and Cons
So what is the good and bad for this car if you really consider to take it back home?
The good thing is this car really look sporty and stylish, it is the most beautiful Malaysian car till now. Of course you can't miss it if you are a person who like cornering - great control.
Because it is lesser on the road, so some people might have interest to look at your car :)
How about the bad thing? Well if you haven't notice this is a 3 doors car, which will let your friends getting wet if you take more than 1 people while raining, and your parents/your girl friend's parents won't like it.

The pricing:
1.6L Lite 41583.50 (Manual)
1.6L M-Line 48463.00 (Manual)
1.6L H-Line 51763.00 (Manual)

Please select only manual if you want to buy Satria Neo,
If you want to go for auto, kindly choose Perodua Myvi.

Satria Neo Community:
Once you bought the car, you can join below Neo club for technical talk to TT(Teh Tarik) session:

Gallery for Satria Neo:

Stay tuned for the next part which include modification and the Race.Rally.Research version of Satria Neo (Satria Neo R3)