Tuesday, February 24

AAM KKS Autocross 2009 round 1

As promised hereby enclosed with the video and photos, it is my first time to participle in such event, and it is new thing to me as well. So my target is to enjoy the run, especially the competition is very high in group 4 (1300cc-1600cc) where I will fight with VTEC, 4AGE and MIVEC. It is a cloudy day in the morning when I reached Shah Alam Stadium. After scrutiny my car I was assigned with number 34. Then I helped out my buddy Timothy to setup a tent - well you really need this when joining motorsports event, if not you will melt under the hot sun :D The marshall briefed us at about 9:30am, show us the course and then we have a practise run. I felt good when doing the practise run, even this is the first time I participate in an event but I never feel nervous.
So we have our first run after the practise session. Thank god that day were not many cars, we only have 35 cars in total.

My first run was clocking 65sec, which is a mid range result in group 4, all together 11 cars.
Then I have my best run in run 2 which is 64sec. I still can go faster if I got another run because I was testing different driving tactics.

After that the course changed to reverse style and once again we have a briefing and walk along the course. During the practise session I was a bit confused at the turning out from the car park, and I made a wrong course during the run 3 after my lunch, probably too full my brain could not work.. lol. For your information we will take the best timing in 4 runs, best time for course A and best time for course B. Unfortunately the event was stopped because of heavy rain. By using my run 3 result (85secs - lost at least 20 secs) my placing is almost last.

I'm still happy because I didn't expect any placing for the day, and the most important part I was enjoying the event and I gained a lot of experience for autocross.

The next round will be in Johor, so stay tuned till there ;)

My second run in course A:

Nice tent thanks to Timothy:

Attacking the curve

The handling of Satria Neo is really superb

Result for Run 2