Friday, February 13

The Launch of Proton Satria Neo CPS - 13th Feb

I went to Subang APAC at 3pm today and joined the media launching for Satria Neo CPS. Not an impressive launching especially when the Proton guy presenting the slides. The slides are not nicely done and even a colleague student can be better. Worst part was they put a Satria R3 photo and claimed it is a Satria Neo After the press conference I was able to be the first batch of public to view the real car. The car is really attractive and very "GTi" style as I predicted ealier on. Let's view the car!

Neo CPS was surrounded by all media and Proton people:

Side view of Satria Neo CPS

Rear view for Satria Neo CPS:
Overall the car is nice but it is a bit pricy. According to Proton their target market is young executive who are in salary range of RM2500-RM5000, and their target sale is 60-100 units per month. Let's see can Proton achive thier target or not?