Wednesday, February 18

2 evil cretures in our life

Yeap, and let me introduce them to all of you: Soft drink and cup noodle! They were created by us long time ago, and due to the pace in our modern living, we are now depends on them heavily especially in our young generation right now - A noodle and coke life, they are destroying us! There are more and more research and real life example showing that a combination of cup noodle and soft drink will lead to many types of diseases and cancer. If you are really concerning you and your friend's health, please read them.

Cup Noodle

Ok, what we have in instant cup noodle? A high carb, high sodium and low mineral and fiber food. Moreover the saturated fat containing in the noodle are killing - a very unhealthy fat that will lead to cardiovascular diseases and increase the risk of cancer. The high portion of Sodium can really lead to kidney malfunction. So eating cup noodle will not only make you look fat and bulky, but it has more power than that.

Soft Drink
A can of standard soft drink - 325ml consists of sugar that are more than 10 sugar cubes. Sugars are the main thing that will make you fat, and the they are acidic where the pH level is only less than 3, is consider as highly acidic food. So they will make your body turned to acidic type and you have more and more effects for having a acidic body. I was a coke freak when I was studying in Australia last time, and my shopping cart will be at least 1 carton of coke inside. After a year, my body weight has pumped up 5kgs! You can make an experiment at home, where you put a drumstick bone inside a cup of coke then let it be there for 3 days. After 3 days, let me know how the bone looks like ;)

So, the combination of them... having a can of coke after eating a cup of noodle, will really make your life misarable. You might stumble because of a stick, but your life will "stumble" because of a bad habit.