Wednesday, February 11

Workout - Deadlift

If you want to lose weight, you need to burn your body fat, if you want to burn your body fat you have to increase your metabolism rate. If you want to increase your metabolism rate, you have to work out your group muscles. So the answer to lose weight is hit your group muscles hard! Your body consists of 3 major muscle groups which are: Your back, Your chest and Your legs. Your effort to lose weight will cut down if you did not work out on these parts. So today I am going to introduce a very good technique to train your back: Deadlift. There are 2 types of common deadlifts technique which are the standard deadlift and Romanian deadlift.

Here we go:

Standard deadlift:

Romanian deadlift:

You can use both techniques in different days to erase your muscle memory - we shall discuss muscle memory in next time!

Enjoy your workout!