Friday, February 20

Don't waste money in vitamins

In a recent serious research conducted in US with the involvement of more than 20k people, showing that vitamins pills legend are created by those so called "Nutrition Specialists", especially "specialists" in direct sell who claiming you can stay younger and longer by taking multi vitamins. Now the result has shown that they are all very good story teller. The result has failed to show that taking vitamins C and vitamins E can protect you from getting cancer and heart disease, or any chance by lowering the risk - NOT at ALL. For bodybuilder we have been told to take more and more vitamins to provide enough nutritions for our cells and tissues. It is true up to a certain limit. For me, I am taking vitamins C after my workout session because it will help me in repairing my damaged cells. After I get up from sleep I can really feel fresh, just that and I have no believe that it will increase my life. So to anyone of you who really relying on vitamins pills, I suggest you to stop taking them, and try something natural. Nothing can compare with natural food. Food that are rich of vitamin C like Kiwi fruit, Orange and tomato can provide more natural vitamin C than those manufactured.