Tuesday, February 17

Let'em GUESS

I believe most of you will have this wonderful experience, when you didn't exercise for long time and suddenly you are there for a match. What will happen to you on the next day, or next few days? Extraordinary muscle ache! You will feel your body turned into pieces and for those who really never exercise for a long period may have the difficulty to get up from the bed! But what if you go for a match again after a week? I am sure that you feel less tired than your previous match - that's what we will discuss, muscle memory. It is one of the main reason bodybuilder or athletes hit plateau or bottleneck in their training. Human tends not to change once they have stepped into a comfort zone, but you can't make this happen for your training. So I will discuss few ways for you to wipe out your muscle memory, sound's cool?

Changing your routine
The golden rule for manipulating your muscle group is to change your training routine in every 6 weeks. There are thousand of workout routines available in the internet, and I always check out for new routine in:
My routine will change in every 4-5 weeks, and I will have alternative way for my shoulder workout, if I have done set A in previous week, I will try set B in next week.

Changing your exercise hour
Same rule, let your muscle keep guessing! I have a colleague who told me that every evening his body will get warm and remind him to go gym. This is true because they will learn the timing when you workout. To avoid this I will suggest you try not to go for exercise at the almost same hour everyday. For me I will change my time in every 2 weeks - evening, night and midnight (Thanks to my job!).

Find alternative for cardio exercise
I have few friends who say that they can't lose weight anymore after few months of cardio exercise. I was really surprise when I found out they actually went and jogging for hours! I found out the reason when they told me that they just went to the treadmill and running in the same speed, same incline every week. Once your body has hit the comfort zone then you shouldn't try the same way anymore. For those who like running I will suggest you move to another exercise for a week and come back to running. For example you can go swimming, cycling, basketball game, futsal, kickboxing - there are so many exercises out there!

Go Hard!
Always, always do the exercise that you dislike the most, probably they are the most effective way to help you in losing fat. for example, setting high incline in the treadmill and running in slow - fast - slow - fast pace is what I dislike because I found it much more easier if I just running in a same speed. Well for losing weight you can't go for something that you feel "easy". Go hard, go and do some really exhausting training until you crawling out from the gym room - lol

I hope all the above tips will help you in losing weight!