Saturday, March 7

Breaking News - Malaysian Discovered Health Care Product to Cure Heart Disease!

This is NOT a joke. I want to share it to all of you after I found out my colleague's father passed away due to heart attack. If he know this maybe I could have save his's father life. No matter how I will publish this to Malaysia community, and please help me to spread this out.

In 90s, A Malaysian called Wang Yake Khuan, has discoverd an amazing product to cure heart problem. Please see it carefully "CURE" is the word right here.
Without having a long story I try to explain heart problem to all of you. When you are getting old, due to the food you take and your arteries are hardening, it is high possibility that your arteries will have blockage. The blockage limits the bloodflow into your heart then you will suffer from heart pain - this is cononary artery disease (CAD).

OK, what the western medicine can do - do nothing, they just can slow down the process and normally doctor will advise you to undergo surgery - either percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) or coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). PTCA will cause you few thousand easily and CABG will cause a bomb to you.

So What is this amazing product? It is actually a traditional medicine which is a combinations of few types of herbs. In 2006, Mr Wang registered the patent and it is approved by Minister of Health Malaysia: MAL 05072154TC.

Still don't believe? Mr Wang has tons of patients records to prove it, and this news actually published in our local newspaper - Mingguan Kesihatan issue 262 Headline as well.

English Translation:

If you know anyone who suffering from heart disease (CAD), let them know about this medicine. Instead of going operation why don't give it a try? Please let me know if you are interested so I can arrange for the medicine. Don't worry, the price for this medicine is dirt cheap until you don't believe it if you compare with the cost of operation.

Finally, how I get to know Mr. Wang? Well, he is my beloved Father, think he is going to receive Nobel award :)