Tuesday, March 17

The day before Race

After I have done all the changes, I went back to my hometown Ipoh at night. Once I woke up I gave my buddy Tougeking a call to see if I can join him for a "Yum Cha" session. Once I met him in his shop suddenly I heard there will be a downhill battle in Cameron road! What a day I told myself - this is the part 2 revengent story for Malat and Boy where they will race with the same car - EG6 but powered by different engine - the legendary Honda VTEC B16b and B18c. You can get the full coverage in Tougeking's blog.

The result was expected where Boy won the race without any doubt.

Right after that Tan and Kit they were just reached Simpang Pulai tol, unfortinately Kit's car got problem - the gear cables were broken (Due to his heavy duty driving lol). So we all went to CT-4 workshop to get it fixed, and luckily it was fixed by Ah Lek and his worker who are really proferssional.

Lao San, Chean, Siang, Chao they all reached at 10pm and we straight went for a Tiger session nearby while waiting for Kit's car.

Afterthat we all headed to Ipoh Garden East for supper, then we went to my house and have a short rest for tomorrow's track event - OMG it was already 3am!