Thursday, March 26

Interesting interview with Jason Statham

I found this in Men's fitness megazine website, and inside this interview got some very interesting points to support my believe in body fitness so far, here is part of the interview:
How fit are you out of ten?
It depends. When I was filming Death Race I was extremely fit but right now... If I was a ten then, I’m probably about a six or seven now.

What level martial artist are you?
Movie level.

You recently lost 17lb (7.7kg) in six weeks. What did you eat?
Not much. Mainly protein, nuts and berries. I was a miserable bastard.

You also trained with a former Navy SEAL. Why him?
He leads by example. You see people working out with some trainers and the trainers look like they need a trainer. It’s bizarre how they get the job if they’re not in fucking amazing shape themselves.

What did you do with him?
I trained six days a week, 35 minutes a day. We had two rules: we wouldn’t do the same workout twice and we’d record everything. The main part of the session would be intense and involve heavy compound lifts, circuits, kettlebells and medicine balls.

How long before a movie do you get into serious training?
Ten weeks is good. If you can do ten weeks you can make some real changes. Anything under six weeks you may as well forget about it.

What’s your top training tip?
Train early in the morning. Get out of bed and just do it. That way you’ll never find an excuse not to.

From the interview, you'll find:
Jason lost 7.7kgs in 6 weeks
Jason training session is only 35 mins, 6 days.
Jason training program different from everyday.
Jason training session is mainly weighlifting.
Jason ate high protein food like nuts and berries.

This truly support my believe that weight lifting is the ultimate solution for losing weight,
NOT cardio! Proven by Jason ;)