Friday, March 27

New to Gym? Want to go?

If you really want to go gym and workout your body but have no clue about it, please don't let this reason to stop you. I am going to show something here, and they might be useful to you.

Fitness center
The current trend in Malaysia now is to go fitness center like Fitness First, Carlifornia Fitness and True Fitness - if they are close to your resident area. However the joining fee and monthly memberships free will be a burden to you if you not really sure you are able to continue your journey or not. You can get free pass from your colleagues or your friends if they are already a member, try to join the free session to feel it, and select the one that suit you the most. Personally I have a gym room in my office so this is not an issue for me - I'm lucky! Good thing about fitness center is you can learn correct way of workout - important if you are new to gym. Not to mention all the sexy chicks around there :)

Gym at home
Some people think they can only workout in fitness center, but now Gym at Home is getting popular where you won't need to drive to fitness center, pay monthly fees and most important you can manage your time well. Hey - don't think I am asking you to buy some expensive equipment at home, what you really need is full set of dumbells (10-35lbs) and a bench or a swiss ball. They only cost you less then RM500 - which is a good investment because you can use them everyday, anything you want. After that you can get an Ezy bar or Olympic bar. With all these you can have a full body workout session!

Dude you can't miss this if you want to see the effect in 3 months time - few basic supplements that you need are: Whey protein, Creatine and multivitamin. If you are skinny and want to really bulk up I will suggest you to go for weight gainer. You can get them in supplement store like Ego Nutrition and GNC.

Training routine
This is crutial for a successful journey, you will need a good program to follow - program that has been proven by someone. Learn the program and slowly create your own program - you are your best personal trainer! You can find useful program here.

Don't think - Go 1 step further!