Wednesday, March 18

My Cheesecake!

All of you know I go gym, I like motorsports, but is anyone of you know I can bake cake as well? Ha ha ha... I think this will break many people's glasses. Actually I learnt how to bake cheesecake few years back when I was studying in Australia. Before that I really have no idea about cheesecake and to be honest I don't really like the taste.. until I met her, and I have decided to learn baking. So my journey started!
Most of you will think it is tough to learn how to make cheesecake - I don't agree. It is actually quite easy to bake them with limited tools.
How did I learn it?
Internet - you can find hundred of recipe over the internet, with step by step guideline I doubt you cannot follow it. Until today I have baked more than 30 cakes, and hardly failed - because it is really easy!
What equipments you'll need?
Blender - make sure you have an electronic one to ensure your hand won't become muscular.
Oven - a normal oven where you can adjust the temperature up to 250C is good enough.
Cake Mold - a small one with 6' inches diameter
Few bowls - your hourse already have some, so just use it!
Below are the common ingredients that you will need, they can be found in all supermarts.
Creamcheese - the core ingredient for most of the cheesecake.
Mascarphone cheese - a must have if you want to make Tiramisu.
Thickened cream - this will serve as softener.
Whipping cream - a common softener
Egg white - plus the aroma for your cheesecake
Sugar - add some taste to it
Essence - the flavor varies from recipe
Biscuit - Oreo or other biscuits to serve as base
Unsalted butter - Mix with biscuits to serve as base
Gelatine - For making unbake cheesecake
With the above ingredients you can bake many type of cheesecakes.
For your information, there are 2 types of cheesecakes - baked and unbake cheesecake.
I will suggest beginner starting with unbake one because the success rate is highier(Just in case you overbake it...)
Here are some of my cheesecakes for the past few years, I seldom bake any since I returned to Malaysia but I will try few new recipes soon!
My first cheesecake - Oreo Cheesecake, not too bad for the first
I made this for my birthday.. haha!
Banana cheesecake.. didn't cut it nicely but the taste was awesome!
Tiramisu - my first attempt for the most difficult cheesecake.
Tiramisu - My second attempt, it is really hard to make an autentic Tiramisu from Italy,
because you hardly can get the ingredients here - the Marsala wine. You can't eat this in normal bakery shop, not even Secret Recipe nor Coffee Bean! Tiramisu - the taste of LOVE.
Unbake Oreo - Screwed this up because forgot to put gelatine.
Mocha Cheesecake - Tasted like heaven!
Original Cheesecake - finally I understand how to bake it without refering to any recipe.
Icecream Blueberry Cheesecake!
And this.. one of the best looking cheesecake that I baked - the 2 in 1 cheesecake where baked cheesecake at the bottom, and unbake one at the top.
2 layers!
Perfect finishing with black chocolate as topping.
I know this is not healthy, but who cares? Eat it once a blue moon lah! lol
I will try to post more pictures next time!