Friday, March 6

Dietary meal or supplement?

It is very common people asked this question - What should I take in order to gain weight / build muscles? Can I go for weight gainer or just taking natural food? Time is the main factor that differ us. If you are really free and you are staying with your family, then it will be much more easier to prepare food at home but for some of us like me where I stay alone and really don't think want to prepare any food by looking at the kitchen. So I take supplement because it is real easy to supply my daily needs of protein which is around 130g. If I don't take protein shake, how I am going to consume that much of protein in a day? Some people says it is not good to take something artificial, really? Whey protein is an extract from milk and they are considered as natural just like you drink all those milk powder when you are a baby. So don't be afraid of supplements, most of them are good and of course I still emphasize on taking meat when I can - get tuna can, roasted chicken breasts which is already ready made during my shopping time. Sometimes for dinner I'll go for mix rice where I will probably get extra chicken or pork ribs into my meal. The conclusion: If you are free, try to prepare your meal but if you can't afford to do that then try to get some ready made foods, while taking protein shake during your pre/post workout meal. This is my way.