Tuesday, March 3

Simple Carbs - Good and Bad

Have you ever came across with sleepiness after you have taken your meal? Don't worry I think all of us are facing this each and every time after our meal. Do you know the reason and why it is related to body building/body fitness? Each time after your meal, your blood sugar level will increase and that's the moment your pankreas shoot in a hormone called insulin into your blood so it will help to grab the sugar and store it in liver as glucagon. Here is the trick, if you eat wrongly and too much sugar in your bloodstream then they will be converted to fat! Carbs play a major role here because they are the main food that giving sugar to you. So.. if you still didn't get what I mean: Eating carbs will make you fat if you don't exercise! Especially to Asians who taking rice as the main food, white rice has been classified as 1 of the simple carbs to make you fat. However, it is also a main source of food to provide energy to you if you eat it in a correct time :) So here is the trick:

1. Do not eat them before you sleep:
- Rice
- White Bread
- Rice Noodle
2. Eat them 2 hours before you go gym!
3. Eat them in the middle of your day.

Normally I will take rice during my lunch, so it can be used in few hours time as my energy source, it is very important because if you no eating enough it will be really hard for you to complete your training program. Moreover your body will start burning your hard earned muscles as an energy supply! This process is called Catabolism - you defintely don't want this to happen.

We will take about catabolism in next issue :)