Wednesday, March 25

Complete Guideline for Satria Neo - Part 4

We discussed about engine modification for Satria Neo during my last issue, basically if you still not satisfied with the power of your car, then I will recommend you to go for force induction. There are 2 types of force induction for Campro engine right now - Bolt on Turbo (BOT) or Supercharger.

Bolt on Turbo for CamPro S4PH(Turbo Charge)
Due to weak parts inside our CamPro engine, I won't recommend you to bolt on turbo, Speedworks has tested few units of Campro engines unfortunately they have blown all of them during research for Satria Neo Turbo Kit. If you really want to listen to the blow off sound in your Satria Neo, I first would like you to strenghten your engine part. Try to rebuild your engine with blue printing and change some identified weak parts like crankshaft and piston to forged type. Furthermore, the safe zone for boosting the turbine is only 0.5bar and below, this is because Campro engine is high compression type and it cannot stand if you boost too high.

Parts that you will need for bolt on turbo:
Turbine - suggest TD04, TD05 or Garett AR48, the small frame turbine which your Campro can stand without too much of turbo lag effect.
Intercooler - you can get one from those original turbo charged car like Silvia series or VR4.
Extrator - This will be the banana type and you will need to customize it.
Piping - You will need to custom few other pipes for intercooler, turbine and injector.
Fuel Regulator - Please do not save this item for constant fuel pressure, it is important for your turbo.
Injector - You will need a better one.
Piggybag - Something to control the fuel after you turbo charged it.
Finally - A good workshop which is really expect to turbo charge your Campro engine.

This is an example for bolt on turbo:

This is the dyno result:

Supercharger for Campro S4PH
There is a famous workshop to supercharge your Campro, they are called Powerzone
They are many units for superchanger done in Powerzone, and here is one of those:

There are the most common forced induction to our Satria Neo Campro engine, and each of them will increase hp to a good figure (40-50hp, depends on the boost), just want to enforce here: you need to strengthen your engine before you go for it, else it will bring you more and more problems and probably you will spend your weekend in workshop. Furthermore there will be a cost vs efficiency here, if you think rebuilding your engine is costing too much for you, I will recommend you go for the final solution - Engine Change.