Sunday, March 22

KSC Karting Endurance Race - Round 2

It was 6:30am in the morning, I just finished my work and I need to be here again at 9am for karting! OMG... luckily my office there is a sleeping room, and I took a rest there until 9am.

We reached there at about 9:30am, and Timothy briefed all of us.
There are 2 guests for that day - Guys from Hypertune magazine!

We walk through the layout, it has just been setup.

It was a new experience for me because it was the first time I race in carpark layout.

After that we have a practice run, then the race will start.
This is an endurance race, 2 drivers drive for 20 mins each and the team that got the most laps win.

My childhood friend Jit Shen and now we all working with Shell,
I just met him back last year and now we were so close, thanks to the small world!

My partner Naveen who will race together with me, smile baby!

It was a hot sunny day, when you expect to see umbrella girl, suddenly you see this:
Umbrella man - opssss!

So the race started, everyone was chasing each other.

Kart number 10, we have this kart but later on it was overheat and broken down

This is another kart that was down due to overheat as well, the smoke was coming out from the engine, wow!

Yeap, they were broken by our special guests - the Hypertune guys! Just joking la.. lol

In case anyone went into drain (there was 1 quite near), we have this for you:

The prizes, they are many thanks to the organizer and sponser!

Timothy, Justin and Tim's car - Nissan Silvia S15
Tim: Please describe how you broke 2 karts?
Justin: .....

A speech from the owner of this go kart place

We were ranked 6th for the Novice group, not too bad for the day ya, then we went back to office with Naveen's car - Toyota Chaser!

My trophy for the day

Thanks everyone for making this karting competition perfect, and special thanks to Timothy the organizer and of course Hypertune magazine, you will see the event coverange in next issue,
please get one!