Monday, March 16

Race preparation for 15th Track Event

I am a believer who really want my car to be tip top condition before I enter the track, and heading to the first run in 2009 after my autocross, I want it to be a satisfied one.

So you'll see below setup for my lovely Satria Neo.
I went to Wai Heng Exhaust on last Thursday to get a new set of extractor due to my previous extractor was not in good condition and it seems like cracking due to the accident last year.

This time I want to get a 4-1 extractor, the extractor which is suitable for track because you can get good pickup and higher power when you rev your engine in high rpm.

However, Wai Heng very seldom receive order for Satria Neo 4-1 extractor, and they made 1 for me. When the extractor installed in my car, it did not really fit well.

Here is the real respect, the boss from Wai Heng told me to go to his workshop on Friday and he will custom make another new extractor for me with FOC, so I just paid for the aftermarket extractor but I will get a custom made extractor!

I went there at 10:30am and the boss straight away get my car to the jack and made a new extractor for me. Their handcraft is really awesome, even a slight miscount they threw away the pipe. Just within 2 hours my extractor is ready.

The boss requested me to test the custom made extractor, and give him honest comment,
if any changes need to be done, just bring it back and it is all FOC!

In the past, when talking about Wai Heng Exhaust, the first impression is they are making "cap ayam" exhaust and didn't really get my attention, until today I really respect their way of doing business where you really can get good return of every single cent you paid.

If you want to custom make your extractor, I will recommend Wai Heng exhaust.

This is one of their branch in Bandar Puteri, Puchong:

The boss calculating the extractor length:

They are weiding all the pipes carefully:

Here you can see the beauty of the 4-1 custom made extractor for Satria Neo:

Afterthat I headed to Genesis Auto to replace the rear break pad, lower my car, and change the rear anti roll bar back to the original 11mm one. I suspect the 19mm anti roll bar is too thick for my car and it caused my car very easy to oversteer.

My wheels were removed to do all the changes

Drex was installing the sport springs

The 550 degree racing break pad

Finally my car is ready!

It caused almost 5 hours to complete my car's setting, and I will test this during the Kg Gajah Track day.