Saturday, March 21

Satria Neo S2000

If you are not aware of - We have a beast here ready to participate in IRC Super 2000 series. It has made its debut in France and attracted the eye of the world:

“The Satria was fantastic, really predictable and comfortable to drive and with really good engine power, I am looking forward to driving it again,” said driver Bouffier.

Take a look of her beautiful look and specs:

I hope I can get 1 in future ;)
4 cylinder MEM-Proton 2000cc S2000 engine
Forged pistons
Lightweight steel connecting-rods
Billet steel crankshaft
Lightweight steel flywheel with integral ring gear
GEMS X25 engine ECU and power management system with integrated data-logging and colour dashboard display
Xtrac “532” 4WD Super 2000 transmission system
6-speed sequential gearbox with engine cut on up-shift
Limited Slip Differentials:
 Front, plated mechanical, externally adjustable
 Centre, spool
 Rear, plated mechanical, externally adjustable Hydraulic handbrake with auto-release system for rear differential
Bespoke WRC-style lightweight driveshafts all round
Tubular fabricated front & rear crossmembers
Front: Lower wishbone and MacPherson strut
Rear: Lower wishbone and MacPherson strut
MEM-Dynamics dampers all round
Anti-rollbars front and rear, optional sizes available
One-piece alloy hubs, interchangeable front to rear
Front: Alcon 4-piston forged calipers, 350mm vented discs, (Tarmac) Front: Alcon 4-piston forged calipers, 300mm vented discs, (Gravel)
Rear: Alcon 4-piston forged calipers, 300mm vented discs, (Common)
MEM pedal box assy, adjustable for driver position
Hydraulic power-assisted rack and pinion Adjustable steering column reach and height
Quick-release steering wheel
GEMS Multiplex wiring and power management system incl. auto-power reset
Central multi-function key pad control and integrated data-logging.
Information by colour TV screen dashboard display.
Fuel system
72 litre AFS FT3 safety fuel with quick-change fuel control cassette
FIA Staubli dry-break fill and vent connections
18”x8” alloy for Tarmac
15”x6.5” alloy for Gravel
Length 3905mm
Width 1800mm
Height 1300mm
Wheelbase 2440mm
Front track 1543mm
Rear track 1543mm
Weight 1150kg, (Tarmac), 1200kg, (Gravel)