Tuesday, March 31

Collected my baby yeah!

I went back to Ipoh again and collected my car from Fatt Kee the insurance panel workshop. They aligned my car chasis finally, and I swear I won't go back again for such bad service. I have tested the car careful and thanks god the feeling has came back! I gave her a nice shower and glazing to make sure the championship white stay champion.. you know it is not easy to take care a white car. I went to CT-4 to check my car again to ensure that she is 100% fit. Confirmed by the boss Ah Lek, my car is good!

It was raining heavily outside the workshop, and I stayed there have a chat with all the staffs in CT-4, trying to learn some new things, and I did :)

I saw Ah boy's legendary Honda Civic EG6 with the B16b VTEC engine lying in the workshop, he is going to sell it and removing all the performance part.. sadly to see this.

Another view of the AGIP sponsored EG6:

Powerful B16b engine:

I spent my weekend in Ipoh, with family and friends.. well worthed short vacation :)