Saturday, March 21

Selling yourself with a nice looking resume

I have seen many resumes and I would like to say a big NO NO to most of them, some people just generated it from Jobstreet, fill in some simple details and they want to get an interview with this paper, or copy and paste from his colleague/friends with all the requirements from the recruitement company!

I am a person who believe in marketing, especially in today's world where most of us (age below 30) like to see stuff in good packing. Try to ask yourself, 2 same things with different packing - 1 is simple / generic packing and another one with nice looking packing, which one would you like?

The answer is there.
Same goes to your resume.

Before you try to make 1 for you, try to think from the recruiter's perspective. They don't know you, they have no idea who you are. So all the papers on their desk are actually a commercial banner for them to know you.

So sit down and think, how can your resume be different from the others - a good template serve a good start, with your details and info slotted in a 2-3 pages of your advertisement - try not to make your employment history a grandpa story, recruiter have hundreds of resume to look at everyday so your long story will actually make them tired. If you are a fresh grad who got nothing much to say, just be yourself - make it short and simple.

Take a look on this, and compare it with yours - which will attract the recruiters?