Tuesday, March 17

KGC Track Day - 15th March

It is 15th, and it is the big day - Kg Gajah Track day! I woke up at 7am, took shower then went and pack some Nasi lemak for us to serve as breakfast in Kampung Gajah. Due to the time is running up Tougeking, Tan and Kit they all went to Kg Gajah to provide briefing and setup the course, while we went there after everyone was ready. It took us around 40 minutes to get there.

Once I reached there, registered my car in Group C (<1600cc), straight away I went into the track for free practice. During the practice session I found my control was really sucks, and really thanks for the comments and guidance given by Tougeking, Tan and KE86 I really appreciated it. Finally I managed to push my car into certain limit without oversteer, yeah! However, my lap time wasn't that good due to the suspension and tyres.

Tesing the course.. erm.. adrenalin pumped out!

Go Go Go!

Car Talk after testing my car.

We have a lunch break at 12pm and I joined Tougewaja, KE86, Sam, DongDong86, Ah Tuck, Ah Cong and friends to the food store nearby. Due to the ultra hot weather I took the 1.5L mineral water and drink it to prevent myself from dehydration.

All my buddies from Chinese Cari Touge Team.

Non stop talking all the way...

Right after the break we went back to the track and get ready for the time attack.

Kalah Takpe, Gaja Mesti Ada! LOL

Positioning for the mini racing

I managed to clock my car with 47sec for the time attack, and I think it is one of the best run I have in this course. After the time attack then we all waiting for the mini race! I was lucky to get 5th place if I'm not mistaken, special thanks to Wai Heng Exhaust to sponsor me the extractor where I utilized it to overtake a Toyota Corolla during launching. The group C race was a outstanding one, and I completed the race without any car overtook me.. lol Very statisfied but still can improve a lot!

My engine bay - S4PH CamPro DOHC 16 valve 1.6cc engine

Sam's B18c Honda VTEC

The podium, We have Sam won the Group D (<1800cc) with his B18c EG6 and Tougewaja ranked 3rd in Group A(<1300cc) with his Myvi. We have group photo session after the prize giving ceremony.

These are all my buddies' cars

Posting, Posting, and Posting!

My respect to Ah Tuck, he has physical challenge but this does not stop him from motorsports. His Kenari is sponsered by D Sport.

Ah Cong, he is another motorsports enthusiats who joined this event during his holiday in Malaysia. He will fly back to China later on and all the best to him! I am think to go Macau for the Macau Grand Prix in this year.

I have some new experiences for the day where:

Sit in Daniel's MR2 - enjoying the control of MR!

Sit in Chean's Wira GSR - can't forget the power of turbo....pshhhhhh!
Have a ride in KE70! I really got no idea to control an 4AGE powered KE70 where I went into grass together with Peggy and S.. sorry to the ladies I really didn't mean it! I was really statisfy with this event!

We have our dinner in Tualang, after that we decided to call it a day(you can't have it anymore dude!) and headed back to Ipoh.

Special Thanks to Jeremy, StevenKhong, Ah Cong, DongDong86 to take all the photos!
You can see more wonderful event photos in Jeremy's blog.