Tuesday, March 17

Upcoming Event - KGC Track Day on 12th April

Ladies and Gentlemen, please get yourself ready for the next coming event - Kampung Gajah Track Day on 12th April! If you would like to learn how to drive, how to control your car and how to save your car when danger - please come here. If you are new to track drive, we have qualified instructor to help you out. No matter you have a sports car, family car, compact car, K car - All type of cars are welcome because you are here to learn how to drive, not going for Formula One. Contact and Payment details are listed in the banner, help us to spread out the news!

Kampung Gajah is located in Perak, around 40 mins driving distance from Ipoh, and 2 hours driving distance from KL. You can plan a vacation there by renting resorts nearby.

How to get to the track:

A place to stay: